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  • Architecture Overview
    Understand PowerLite PDO's Architecture - Discover how our PHP database abstraction layer is structured for optimal performance and flexibility.
  • Getting Started
    Installation The PowerLite PDO library is available on GitHub at and is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. For detailed installation instructions, please visit the Installation page. Setup the Database Connection To set up your database connection, you will need to modify the vendor/migliori/power-lite-pdo/src/connection.php file. This file contains the configuration for the database connection using PHP's PDO (PHP Data Objects). Here are the steps to set up your database connection:
  • The Db Class
    Explore the Db Class in PowerLite PDO documentation: Your guide to understanding and implementing database operations effectively
    • Db - Introduction
      Learn about the Db class, how to instantiate it, and how to access its child classes PDO and Query Builder.
    • Db - Selecting and Fetching Records
      The Db class offers a range of methods for selecting records, specific rows, values, or the count of records. The ability to apply joins, conditions, and parameters across all these methods enhances the flexibility of your database operations.
    • Db - SQL Query Execution
      Get started with SQL query execution in PowerLite PDO. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to run SQL queries effectively.
    • Db - Insert Update Delete
      PowerLite PDO: Learn how to manipulate your database records using insert, update, and delete operations.
    • Db - Data Fetching and Conversion
      Get started with data fetching and conversion in PowerLite PDO. Our comprehensive guide covers all the essentials for manipulating data effectively.
    • Db - Transaction Management
      Master Transaction Management with PowerLite PDO documentation. Understand how to commit, rollback, and manage your database transactions efficiently.
    • Db - Database Structure Information
      Get detailed insights into the database structure with PowerLite PDO
  • The Query Builder
    Get to know the Query Builder Fluent methods in PowerLite PDO documentation: Enhance your database operations with dynamic query building.
    • Query Builder - Introduction
      The QueryBuilder class enables fluent database operations with methods for record selection, joins, conditions, and parameters. Streamline your SQL queries with this versatile tool.
    • Query Builder - Selecting and Fetching Records
      The QueryBuilder provides fluent methods for record selection, with added flexibility for joins, conditions, and parameters. Enhance your database operations with its comprehensive selection capabilities.
    • Query Builder - SQL Query Execution
      PowerLite PDO's QueryBuilder offers a streamlined approach to SQL query execution. Learn the essentials of creating and executing SQL queries.
    • Query Builder - Insert Update Delete
      The QueryBuilder provides a robust platform for data fetching and conversion. Understand the key principles for effective data manipulation.
    • Query Builder - Transaction Management
      Efficiently manage your database transactions with QueryBuilder. Learn how to initiate, commit, and rollback transactions for precise control.
  • The Pagination Class
    PowerLite PDO Pagination Class Documentation: Your comprehensive guide to implementing efficient pagination in your PHP database applications.
  • Debugging in PowerLitePdo
    The Debugging section of PowerLite PDO documentation is your resource for understanding and implementing effective debugging techniques.
  • Security
    PowerLite PDO Security Documentation: Your guide to secure database connectivity in PHP applications using PowerLite PDO.