The Db Class

Explore the Db Class in PowerLite PDO documentation: Your guide to understanding and implementing database operations effectively

In this section

  • Db - Introduction
    Learn about the Db class, how to instantiate it, and how to access its child classes PDO and Query Builder.
  • Db - Selecting and Fetching Records
    The Db class offers a range of methods for selecting records, specific rows, values, or the count of records. The ability to apply joins, conditions, and parameters across all these methods enhances the flexibility of your database operations.
  • Db - SQL Query Execution
    Get started with SQL query execution in PowerLite PDO. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to run SQL queries effectively.
  • Db - Insert Update Delete
    PowerLite PDO: Learn how to manipulate your database records using insert, update, and delete operations.
  • Db - Data Fetching and Conversion
    Get started with data fetching and conversion in PowerLite PDO. Our comprehensive guide covers all the essentials for manipulating data effectively.
  • Db - Transaction Management
    Master Transaction Management with PowerLite PDO documentation. Understand how to commit, rollback, and manage your database transactions efficiently.
  • Db - Database Structure Information
    Get detailed insights into the database structure with PowerLite PDO