The Query Builder

Get to know the Query Builder Fluent methods in PowerLite PDO documentation: Enhance your database operations with dynamic query building.

In this section

  • Query Builder - Introduction
    The QueryBuilder class enables fluent database operations with methods for record selection, joins, conditions, and parameters. Streamline your SQL queries with this versatile tool.
  • Query Builder - Selecting and Fetching Records
    The QueryBuilder provides fluent methods for record selection, with added flexibility for joins, conditions, and parameters. Enhance your database operations with its comprehensive selection capabilities.
  • Query Builder - SQL Query Execution
    PowerLite PDO's QueryBuilder offers a streamlined approach to SQL query execution. Learn the essentials of creating and executing SQL queries.
  • Query Builder - Insert Update Delete
    The QueryBuilder provides a robust platform for data fetching and conversion. Understand the key principles for effective data manipulation.
  • Query Builder - Transaction Management
    Efficiently manage your database transactions with QueryBuilder. Learn how to initiate, commit, and rollback transactions for precise control.